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Your guide to the new 2023 UCI Enduro World Cup (EDR, formerly EWS)

Posted by John Canfield on
Your guide to the new 2023 UCI Enduro World Cup (EDR, formerly EWS)

The 2023 UCI Enduro World Cup promises to be an exciting and challenging competition for the world's top mountain bikers. The series, now under the direction of the UCI, will consist of seven rounds held in different locations around the globe, with riders competing in timed downhill stages and un-timed uphill transfer stages.

 Date: Location: Country:
Mar 25-26 2023 Maydena, Tasmania Australia

April 1-2 

Derby, Tasmania Australia
June 3-4
Finale Ligure 
June 15-18 Leogang Austria
June 24-25 Valle di Fassa Trentino Italy
September 1-3 Loudenville France
September 7-17 Les Gets Chatel France


The format requires a mix of technical skill, endurance, and strategy, as riders must balance speed with consistency on the timed stages and conserving energy for the transfers.

The 2023 season has already drawn the very best riders from around the world, including reigning champions and rising stars in the opening rounds. There are even some local Bellingham riders bikepacking their enduro rigs from venue to venue. 

Overall, the 2023 UCI Enduro World Cup is shaping up to be a must-see event for anyone who loves mountain biking and high-level competition. Unfortunately, this style of racing has some major limitations for potential online-viewers. Due to the long nature of the courses, filming the whole thing would be impossible and frankly pretty boring. The UCI will post highlight videos to their YouTube channel and other places, utilizing on-course videographers in some of the most interesting terrain. 

A great place to keep up to date on this is at Pinkbike. For instance, check out this awesome breakdown/ analysis of the first two races.


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