5 Awesome and Compelling People to Follow on Instagram

5 Awesome and Compelling People to Follow on Instagram

The social media landscape is packed with people who are vying for your attention. Your time is valuable so we found five compelling people telling interesting and/or damn funny stories.

Jess The Maker: @jessthemaker on Instagram

Jess has been a friend of High Above since she burst onto the scene in early 2022. Her insightful and hilarious content take us on a journey inside her mind and the amazing results remind us we’re here to have a good time above all else. 

 Broken and Coastal @brokenandcoastal

From compelling storytelling and design to amazing photography, Broken and Coastal is a must-follow for their unique yet human way of looking at the sport of cycling. 


Calirado Kid @caliradokid

 The Calirado kid shows us what so many mountain bikers really look like with his endless parade of hilarious videos. Come for the mustache, stay for the insightful yet self-depreciating sense of humor. 


Berm Peak @bermpeak 

When I met Seth (formerly Seth’s Bike Hacks), he looked at my hip packs and said “yeah I’ll try one but honestly I can’t see how I could justify a $100+ Fanny pack”. He may not like the price tag, but his Lookout Hip Pack is still making its way through the woods with him today 


JB Liautard @jbliautard

I divide photography into two categories. There is the craft of the work, creating stunning images that help tell a story; then there is art. JB’s work demonstrates a mastery of the craft with an utterly unique vision. The images he makes are ocean deep, obsessed over and incredible- blurring the line between this world and another, explored by bike in the artists mind.



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