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Product Care & Repair

High Above builds products that are able to withstand mud, dirt, sand, beer, and whatever else you put it through. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's why we offer cleaning and maintenance products to keep your gear running. From time to time, your bag may need a little extra attention from us, gratis.


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1.) Start by grabbing your dirty bag and cleaning products. We like to use the Gear Aid Pro Cleaner.

2.) Turn your bag inside out and brush out any dirt, snack crumbs, or whatever else is hanging out inside your pack. Use a soft brisstle brush to do so.

3.) Add a cap full of Gear Aid Pro Cleaner, or a gentle soap to a bucket with warm water.

4.) Without submerging your pack in water, gently scrub the outside of your pack with warm water and a soft brisstle brush. Hard brisstle brushes can damage the fabric of your pack and take off the water resistant coating.

5.) Once your pack is clean, simply hang to dry. Do NOT put your pack in a washer or dryer machine.

Need Help With A Repair?

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