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Love it!

I just received mind this week and must say just from the looks I love it seems to be built to last

Digital C
Top notch experience

Bag is bomb proof and I’m happy to support a US made product. Little extras like the hand written note and sticker are the cherry on top of an awesome experience.

Robert G
great bag for biking

I have cheaper bags for my kids, but they aren't as well thought out. They don't carry as many things as well, and they get wet and muddy inside.

The fidlock bottle option is amazing for trail use. Other than that I think the best thing I can say about the bag (or anything I buy) is that it does everything I want it to do and I enjoy using it.

Barry Walstead
Special Edition Venture

I've got a special edition Venture Quickdraw with a Fidlock buckle.
It's literally the best hip pack for me. Nice and slim, doesn't move around on the roughest tracks and I've never lost a bottle from it. Well, except the time riding up the lift at Snoqualmie...

But it stays dry inside no matter how it's raining, looks badass, and so far it's held my stuff even on the biggest days (some creative packing and serious minimizing might be also involved, it isn't actually a Tardis or other dimensional portal).

But yeah, it's made in Bellingham by local people. It's made from the most amazing fabrics and bits and bobs. Sure, it's a lot of beans for a fanny pack.
But your fanny is worth it. And it'll look better framed 'High Above'.

The best bag ever?

Once upon a time, I purchased hip back designed for mountain biking from a competitor as I was unable to spare the money for a high above bag. This bag was flimsy, and within weeks the interior liner separated. The bag sorta still worked so I used it all season, but there were many things wrong with it. Finally, last year, I went for this particular Venture bag, and it is the best thing that ever was strapped to my body. It is hard to even notice it is there. Getting water into my mouth is almost instant and can happen even on a technical ascent. When I ride through the mud, the zipper and moving parts don't break. I can hold a hoodie and my helmet on the top of the bag for warm uphills. It can hold a whole bunch of stuff without feeling bulky, which is a strange power for bag so small. I have all the necessary fix-it stuff and everything I need to ride in there. oh. also my girlfriend is jelous and steals it some times for non-bike activity. So if you are in this situation, you may want to consider that you might want to get 2.