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Trail First Aid Kit


Lightweight packing systems need deeply thought-out solutions and an elegant, simple first aid setup is one of them. Working with medical professionals and emergency-first-responders (who are also mountain bikers), we put together the essential trail kit.

A waterproof X-Pac zip bag sports a high-quality weatherproof #8 YKK Aquaguard zipper — all of which fits perfectly in the Venture, Lookout, and the Cascadia hip packs.

Dimensions are 8” x 4.75”.


  • Wateproof X-Pac zip bag

  • Mini trauma shears

  • 2x Non-adherent pad 3x8

  • 2x nitrile gloves

  • 2x Standard band-aid

  • Knuckle bandaid

  • Emergency Blanket

  • Roller gauze

  • Mini pill container

  • 2x alcohol prep pad

  • 2x triple antibiotic pad

  • Small Coban wrap

  • Optional SWAT-T Tourniquet (+$15)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Newsletter Subscriber
The Bag you hope you never need

Big thanks to whoever took the load off of the simple mountain biker's brain for this important item and sorting out what is best to have on hand when you go OTB after you got your front wheel stuck because you missed that crucial pedal stroke, were too gassed from the climb, or because it just plain sucks to suck. This bag will certainly help you or your friend in that scenario, that friend being the person who also bums your spare tubes, Stan's, and ride snacks. Plain and simple, this bag is dialed, unlike you.

Isaac West
Great simple but complete kit

Love this first aid kit. It's the right size to include all the essentials but not be too big. The quality of the bag itself is of course top notch. For short rides I typically don't bring this, but for longer rides and overnights as well as rides with my young boys I always carry this kit. I do have a much larger kit for trail work days, but that's an entirely different situation.

Robert Sjödén
The real deal!

This kit is the real deal! It will help you deal with any accident that you dont want to happen when on the trail! Have one in my car and one in my Venture! Pure peace of mind!