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Tubolito S-MTB Spare Tube- Lighter than Sealant


Less is more:

Tubo-MTB combines low weight and increased toughness. For 29” tires you’ll save more than 100g per wheel compared to standard rubber tubes and get 2X the puncture protection. In addition, the packed tube size is reduced by half. Tubolitos are easily mounted and are a super-lightweight alternative to tubeless systems. Ready for disc brakes.


Lightest and smallest MTB tube worldwide

  • Extremely low packed size through removable valve (Ø 3,5 x 5 cm)

  • Same puncture resistance as standard tubes

  • perfect spare tube

  • Fits up to 2.5” Tires!


We stock:

-The lighter weight 29 tube, the “S-Tubo”, which weighs 45 grams

-The standard 27.5 tube, the “tubo”. Which weighs 45 grams, but is slightly cheaper


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