High Above - Raging River Recap ft. Walker Storage Innovations

High Above - Raging River Recap ft. Walker Storage Innovations

Two weeks ago, the HA crew went down to the Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival at Raging River in Washington. We’ve finally gotten around to doing a proper writeup, so here goes. The trails at Raging River are home turf for ⅔ of the HA crew, so it felt awesome to sponsor the event and connect with the local community. We loved sending friends to some of our favorite laps all weekend!

JC rolled in with his newly completed camper van on Saturday, while Kyle and Spencer held down the fort Friday through Sunday. Kyle had his hands full since Spencer, still recovering from a ski crash a few months ago, is navigating with a walker and was more useless than usual for anything that couldn’t be done sitting down. Spencer has been getting good use out of an old prototype handlebar bag for extra walker storage. It’s a clear sign we’re thinking about the future, accommodating an aging (or injured) mountain biking community, and staying ahead of the curve with the innovations our customers will require.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly seeing so many well loved High Above hip packs around the concourse and getting to talk to so many customers. We posted a ton of pics to the IG of some well loved packs and even interviewed a few customers. It’s such a pleasure to see 10+ years old still getting good use. Seriously, it never gets old.



Getting our setup dialed felt great, especially with a few more events coming up this summer. We’ll be at both the Sturdy Dirty Enduro and the NW Tune Up in July. If you’re in the neighborhood, we’d love to see you there to talk hip-pack design, upcoming products, or whatever else is on your mind.

Cheers and enjoy the weekend!