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David Mailhot
You hear about the quality.

Many good options for hip pack for less but this is quality that you know will last a lifetime. GREAT build quality, good tech(I went Fidlock) comfortable. The only thing that will be hard about this purchase is listening to me kids make fun of me for having a "fanny pack".

If you are on the fence just do it you won't regret you did.



This is my second High Above pack the first one was destroyed by a hungry rat which prompted the purchase of this new one. It is the best pack that I’ve used, very comfortable and just the right amount of space. Have recommend to friends. Great job!

Jonah Humel
Top Tier

Everything about the Lookout is top tier. The build quality & materials are all on point. The interior organization is simple yet intentional.

It’s comfortable, it’s durable, it’s stylish.

Yes, you can get at hip pack for cheaper but High Above delivers a quality product that you’d expect from this price point.

The hand written note was the cherry on top

pack so good I became a monkey

quality is insanely good, have had mine for 2 years now and it's still really good and has zero damage to it despite use 4 days a week

the pack is so good I put it on my head and started screeching at anybody unfortunate enough to be in my presence. unfortunately I died of suffocation

Jim Daniel
Everything you need, nothing you don't

I don't want to describe this bag as 'minimal' because it has all the right features, and is nicely modular. But I keep coming back to how simple and easy it is to use this pack, hence my mental model of minimal. This bag is ideal for 2-3 hour rides that you do during the week and with your buds on the weekend. The capacity of the pack will meet ~90% of rider's packing needs. You can attach your helmet or a jacket once you figure out how to run the cords through, and either will sit nicely against your back while you grind out the climb. Summed up, this is a dialed pack that can fit many different use-cases for your 2-3 hour rides.