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Synthesis Dyneema Lookout


There will always be the people who look at a white hip pack that was specifically designed for mountain biking, which happens on dirt let me remind you- and say "thats a stupid idea, it'll get dirty". To those people I say: Thats a great point.

But we LIKE white dyneema, so we're making it anyway. It also looks awesome.

So be "THAT guy" on the trail, or at the bar, or at the club, or at the amusement park, or on the trail again, or at your wedding, or on the beach, or at the zoo, or at dinner with your in-laws. 

Because if you're not "that person", someone else will be.

Don't even think about second guessing yourself, (insert your name here)- you were born for this. 


Fidlock bottle is included unless you order a Quickdraw option. Option to also include a Bottle Rocket for $20.


  • Dimensions: 9" x 3" x 5.25'" (LxWxH)

  • Waterproof and incredible Dyneema woven materials

  • Heavy duty nylon webbing

  • Three interior pockets

  • Additional weather resistant external zippered pocket

  • YKK Aquaguard #8 zippers for unrivaled weatherproofing and durability

  • Extra-Long para-cord zipper pulls for ease of entry


  1. Do not wash your Fidlock bottles in the dishwasher without removing the magnetic female end.

  2. High Above is not responsible for any appliance snafus. We warned you above.

  3. All single Fidlocks will come installed on the right hand side, unless you specify in your order note at checkout.

  4. Due to the construction of the wing panel, Fidlocks cannot be retro-fitted to accommodate an already finished pack. Sorry!

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