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Code Brown Dyneema Hot Pocket


We took our popular medium hot pocket and did the unthinkable. We made it in Dyneema. Then we went further, we made it brown. Read on for more about this incredible breakthrough.

We also saved you a lot of trouble. Let me explain. 

People write in all the time about our white dyneema products and they say "ALAS JC, WILL IT NOT GET DIRTY, SIR?" to which I say, damn straight it will get dirty, earning the tarnish of a pack well lived is half the point of buying something white knowing you're going to throttle it. The other half is the complete disregard of practicality when it comes to our color choices. You like it, damn the torpedos.  

To those of you who struggle to get your heads around purchasing something made from white dyneema, we took the liberty of making some pre-dirtied in a lovely shade of brown for you, so it will always be the apple of your eye. 


*Please note!* the small loops will all be orange and black, but you will be able to choose any color zipper pull color. 


Overall size: 

8.25 “x 4.75"


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