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The Hot Pocket // All Colors // All Sizes


When planning for intergalactic travel it’s important to stay organized. Keeping your bits and bobs in the correct place will save you the trouble of searching for the right dongle on that five year space voyage.

Small and medium pouches are built to fit the pockets inside The Lookout.


SMALL- 4” x 4.75”

MEDIUM- 8.25 “x 4.75"

LARGE- 10.25”x 8.75"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Samuel Gordon
Great pack

Great pack. Very well made.

Wyatt Griffin Wyatt Griffin
Hawt Pocketz

“It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it. -Watt95”
- Michael Scott

I have the small hot pocket in Ranger and if you are looking for the hottest little storage pouch then look no further. This bad boy can fit so many mini M&M’s in it *slaps YKK Aquaguard zipper*.

But on a serious note, this pouch fits all the necessities I need for 1-2 hour rides and is easy enough to swap from a frame strap to inside my Cascadia pack if I need to carry more gear. The material and zipper feel nice and solid and I love the bit of customization you get with the choice of zipper pull color. Also really like that it’s made here in the USA and I believe it’ll last a long time; probably longer than me. The only bad thing is I now have to resist buying multiple colors and sizes for random things.

“Hot Pockets, so hot right now. Hot Pockets”
- Mugatu

A Aron
Hot Pocket-Medium

This pouch is SUPER well made, bombproof fabric and stitching has been with me for a couple years on rides AND when I travel as a first aid kit.