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Lost Lake Interstellar Tote

$135.00 $999,999,999,999.99

No one asked- and we answered.

I had an idea to make a gigantic tote bag. I was excited about it, but couldn't really think of a single thing that I would, personally, want it for.
But the idea wouldn't leave my head, so I designed and built it, now here we are.  


This interstellar tote gracefully navigates the intricate celestial threads of your daily cosmic odyssey.

It transcends the mere mundane, becoming a meticulous exploration of the multifaceted demands of your earthly voyage. A behemoth ensuring your senses and flooding your personal space.  

This isn’t just a bag; it’s an invitation to traverse the uncharted landscape of life's expedition across yet unknown horizons. 

I only made 6.


-20 L x 12.75 W x 24 H 

-Made from Pfifertex 


-comes with complimentary quizzical looks from stranger

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